Monday, October 17, 2011

Apocalypse Scenaroi #683: The Box by Mira Grant

I love the Mira Grant books about the zombie apocalypse. Mira Grant is also Seanin McGuire. This is a short story of about 14 pages in length. It follows a group of friends that may not know as much about one of their friends as they thought they did. The information they're missing may mean their doom. It'll take you seconds to read.

Sunday, October 09, 2011

Rosemary and Rue bye Seanin McGuire

I recently had a nice dinner with Seanin and spent time with her at a convention. She's awesome and I was really glad I decided to read a few books by her before meeting her. My honey, had already read several of them. I was just behind. She also writes under the name Mira Grant.

So, Rosemary and Rue, is about the changeling October Day and her reluctance to return to the world of Faery. Her life was completely ruined by Faery and yet she has little to keep her involved in human affairs. I found this book almost as awesome as Seanin herself.

I'm looking forward to her new series coming out in March 2012.