Monday, July 31, 2006

A Bite to Remember by Lynsay Sands

A Bite to Remember by Lynsay Sands. Pages 362. Romance however this story contains elements of romance, mystery, and science fiction. Jackie is a private investigator who works for vampires. She herself however is not a vampire. Vincent is a 400 year old vampire who owns/runs a production studio. Recently all his productions have come to a screetching halt when a sabatore runs amiss in his plays. He calls in Jackie. It will take them along time to figure out who's doing everything. Pick up the book and find out. :) Sands is a really funny author and so far all of her books have been fun reads.

I think there are some misspellings today. Sorry I wasn't able to find the correct spellings in the spell checker.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Embrace thyself?

I find it interesting when authors go with the embrace thyself theory. In a few of the books I've read the author has decided that the character will manage to change themselves completely by accident. This is always interesting since it's presumably hard to do. Usually you need a large amount of blood exchanged. So it has to be a pretty gruesome scene to have had enough blood exchanged to do it. Not many people are up for that kind of carnage.

Saturday, July 29, 2006


There are some great takes on angels in different books. David Sosnowski has the book rapture where people turn into what looks like angels. Only they aren't angel like people. It's a weird disease. It's very good but you'll have to look for it used since it's out of print. Many books used fallen angels. One odd thing about fallen angels is that they didn't always fall for something we'd think of as damning. What would you do if you were told that you will be damned forever from the sight of your god. I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be a happy camper. In fact eternal hell fire and pain sounds like something I just might get cranky about.

Friday, July 28, 2006

Kitty goes to Washington by Carrie Vaughn

Kitty Goes to Washington by Carrie Vaughn - Pages 342. Science Fiction. Good book. It was funny. Kitty is a werewolf. You really need to read the first book Kitty and the Midnight Hour first. This is a series. So Kitty is a werewolf. She runs a midnight talk show and tours the country. She's gotten the attention of many people high up and people are now willing to believe in were's and vamps. Totally out of the blue she's told to come to Washington to speak before a committee. She doesn't know what to think. She's only a Radio host.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Objectionable content

Apparently I have objectionable content. Who would have thunk it. I hope you didn't have as much trouble getting to my site as I did. I'd turn it down a bit but the numbers say you guys like it when the subjects are just a bit over the edge. I happen to think it makes things a bit more interesting. Have a nice day.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Ok so the question is How much does the Furry community and the Were community overlap? What is a furry you might ask. Furies believe that they are animals stuck in human bodies. They are also known for liking to have intimate relations with animals or animal like things. Sometimes picking stuffed animals or dressing in costume and doing nasty with other people dressed like animals. So in a world were Were's exist how much would these two communities overlap? If you did indeed think you were a animal in a human body why wouldn't you attempt to get the Were of your choice? It only makes sense since if you want to be a women and you are a man you can have that fixed and vice versa. The question is how many furies are there? And how easy is it to get Wereness? Those are the two factors I see to the overlap possibilities of those two groups.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

A Fistful of Charms by Kim harrison

A Fistful of Charms by Kim harrison. Pages 510. Science Fiction. This a great continuation of the Dead Witch Walking series. Rachel finds out that her ex-boyfriend Nick and Jink's son Jax have gotten themselves in over their heads. Nick is being held prisoner by werewolves and Jax is lost somewhere in Michigan. She's still trying to find the correct mix of magic to get what she needs done done and stay pure at heart. On top of all that her relationship with her housemate and her boyfriend are up in the air. It's a must read. Check it out. :)

Biker gangs and bouncers

Werewolf seeking employment. Ok what's with all were's being strong dudes with high risk jobs. There are a few exceptions. I know that Hamilton has a lot of were's that are teachers and such. But mostly you get Bikers and Bouncers. All of which are heavily tattooed. I understand why they are all ripped. I mean you run around on all fours for a bit and you get muscles us fiddle humans can only hope to have. But why does muscular have to mean idiot. At least some are in recon and military work. A few more brain cells for that.

Monday, July 24, 2006


How do you hire and assistant as a Vampire? I mean a lot of vampires have day time assistants in books but rarely do you hear oh I got this one because blah blah blah. So what is that interview like? Are you trustworthy? Do you hate the undead? Are you likely to abuse my hospitality? Even if you turn them into a ghoul or Rehnquist (sp?) how do you know you can trust them when it's daylight? There have been more then one tale of going through an daytime helper to get to the vampire. And beyond whether you trust them or not. What if they just aren't dedicated to you? What about being stuck in a natural disaster. Will they risk their life to save you? That's the kind of thing you only know if you're in the situation and then it's to late.

Have a nice day :)

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Werewolf sex... Is it beastiality?

Yes Yes I know I'm on a theme here. But I saw Clerks 2 and it got me thinking. You'll understand if you see the movie.

At what point does having intimate relations with a werewolf go from good old fashioned fun to Oh My Gawd this has got to be illegal. I'm assuming that point is when you go from human form to wolf form. But a lot of books about were's seem to have a middle stage. Which does that count as? When does animal control burst in and write you a ticket? Does it count if you are both werewolves or only if one of you is a wolf and the other is restricted to human form? So many questions we probably don't need the answers too. Have fun.

I know I'm behind on my reading. I've been doing a bit of writing. No not what I've put up for cheese here. So please put up with my cheese for a bit and I'll try to get kicking on those books. I hate getting behind. Must do it all mwhahaha.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Does screwing a vampire make you a necrophiliac?

Does screwing a vampire make you a necrophiliac?
I have to give credit where credit is due. A customer at worked came up with this topic. Thank you.

I decided to take a look at this from the definitions.

Vampire - A reanimated corpse that is believed to rise from the grave at night to suck the blood of sleeping people.

Necrophiliac - Obsessive fascination with death and corpses. Or Erotic attraction to or sexual contact with corpses.

So I guess the question comes down to whether a reanimated corpse still counts as a corpse. I'm going to have to say that it depends on how many of the corpse qualities they keep. In a few books vampires are still freaking cold. Now if that's the only problem they are a bit closer to corpse then I'd feel comfortable with. However sometimes they look 100% human after feeding. I'd have to say no in that case. No corpse qualities in that one. But every once in a while they are much like zombies and well then yes.

Teen Mutant

I spend my time in my room. Wishing that no one knew. What kind of freak God made me. What kind of loser I am. I wish and I wish to be normal. But my prayers are never answered. My wishes never come true. Cause I am a teenage mutant. What in the world can I do. In years to come I will realize that my powers will help me to grow. That the teasing and searing will teach me exactly what I must know. But for now I sit and I wonder what life would have been if I had just been normal. If I had been just like him.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Attempt at poetry

As the sun rises I die. Everyday my heart stops beating and my spirit leaves a husk of humanity behind. I was 18 when I first died. I have died everyday since for 100 years. I've had lovers who lived for my death. I've had sweethearts who hid from it. Eventually all take their final breath. Some beg me to give them the gift. Some have told me they would never want it. Neither were the outcome I wanted. I have created none like me. I can not fathom the responsibility attached of teaching what equates to a newborn how to live. I can barely keep myself alive. No one stuck around to teach me what to do. I was left with a letter and a hope that I'd actually believe it. I didn't but luckily I wasn't damaged badly. However that injury left scars not only on my body but on my soul.

I hope you have enjoyed my little poem. Have a nice day.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

*Advanced Reader Copy* Benighted by Kit Whitfield.

Benighted by Kit Whitfield. Pages 516. Release date 9/2006. Probably Science Fiction. This is new author and really reminds me of a combo of David Sosnowski and Octavia Butler. The story line is really unique. 99% of the world is werewolf. You view this world from the eyes of the disabled minority. Forced employment, Separate schools, Poverty, etc... This book had me at go and kept me interested through the end.

I know it seems like a tease to tell you about this book so early but trust me it's so worth it. Preorder it asap. Just so you know John Twelve Hawks the traveler came out in paperback on July 18th.


One major difference a lot of authors have in were's is whether they retain the ability to think as themselves or become an animal. I happen to like keeping their brain. It makes for a less violent were. When an animal gets trapped it will fight. When a person gets trapped they'll fight but they'll reason too. It also keeps a bit of them through the change. If you leave the brain you've left the only thing behind that keeps you you.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Body wear and tear

I don't know how many of you know this but if you do something for a long time your body makes adjustments. Like if you play a musical instrument for along time your fingers actually get a bit deformed to make it easier for you to play. If you corset a lot your rib cage bends and internal organs move. I think most authors don't think of this when they are writing their books. I am currently reading one author who did think of it a bit. Her werewolves all have calloused hands. So you can tell whether someone is a were based on whether they have calluses on their hands or not. I would think that if you constantly grew fangs over and over you would get gaps in your teeth and calluses on your gums. Of course gappy teeth wouldn't be very sexy.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Winged humanoids

Few winged humanoids can actually fly. There is a problem with wing to body weight. So the wings may be very pretty but if they are just decoration. Do you think that they are worth the clothing frustrations? If you think about it there are no top options that come with wing holes. You'll either need to make your own clothes from the go or you'll need to do a lot of alterations. Plus the work out would be killer. How do you get abs of steel without situps or crunches. And you do need to keep buff if you're going to be winged. I mean you're going to attract lots of attention all the time. Would you want to have this keg gut hanging off the front of you with these really fabulous wings off the back? Plus sleeping. Your options are to take an entire king sized bed and sleep on your side or sleep on your stomach. No sleeping on your back. Mind you I can't stand sleeping on my back but they do tell me it's the best way to sleep for your back.

Have a nice weekend. Again I'm going to be on vacation Saturday and Sunday and may not have access to puter.

Thursday, July 13, 2006


So the paranormal community and dr's. Most Paranormal books mention the lack or medical care. Can't see a dr cause they'll see you have weird DNA. Some mention having their own dr's (Like Laurel K Hamiltons). That is nice. Unfortunately most of those don't have the set ups you'd have at major hospitals. The machines for proper tests are lacking. Luckily most of them seem to heal really well and have a high constitution. I'm not sure the medical field really helps us humans so much anyway so they might not be missing out on to much.

On a side note. I may not be able to post this weekend. Saturday and Sunday that is. I'll be out of town and don't know if I'll have access to a computer for the sake of blogging. I will be back on Monday. Maybe I'll have a book to tell you about. :)

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Dark Side of the Moon by Sherrilyn Kenyon

Dark Side of the Moon by Sherrilyn Kenyon. Pgs 322. Romance. Talk about sexy. Ravyn is a darkhunter who can also shape shift into a wereleopard. He's captured and surely going to die when he's rescued. His rescuer is the very unlikely Susan. She a tabloid reporter but not by choice. And she's allergic to cats. Everything starts to go downhill fast right from the beginning. Susans life is ruined. Hanging out with these guys could be worse for her then blindly excepting things as truth had been when she was a real reporter. I read this in one day. Real fun.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Bring it on by Laura Anne Gilman

Bring it on by Laura Anne Gilman. Pgs 377. Science Fiction. This is the third book in the retriever series. Wren is a retriever. To call her a thief would indicate that she kept what she stole. She steals for other people and delivers the goods. She is running a retrieval in this book that stinks of bad stuff. On top of that lonejacks (basically private agents) and fatae (partial human partial other) have gone missing and it looks like a war is going to start.


I find that faeries tend to play a back seat in most fantasy settings. I know of a few main character faeries. One is Merry Gentry series by Laurell K Hamilton. I like how she does things. Most people think of faeries as kind and gentle little creatures who play with flowers. But if you think back to times of old literature. Faeries were tricksters. You always had to be careful your wording and theirs. You couldn't eat anything they gave you. And don't forget they steal your children. Harris has a few faeries in her books. I'm not sure what I think about the recent events of a faery godmother. Shrugs. Well have a nice day.

Random House rep is coming into the bookstore today. I hope I'll have something to tell you all later. And any suggestions or input are appreciated. I like to know how I'm doing. :)

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Creative License

Ok now my question today is When do you change something so much it become something else? If you give a vampire a silver allergy and then give them the ability to change into a different creature like a wolf is it still a vampire? At what point does it become something else? Personally I don't think the story is much fun once something becomes invincible. I mean once there is no danger. Ok maybe if the bad guy is really hard to kill that's one thing but the good guy. Well it loses something. I don't think I can actually answer my own question. I think that if you give someone to many different powers it becomes to hard to define. Even Anita Blake couldn't tell you what she is anymore. Have a nice day.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Vampires with addictions

It is rarely addressed in books but it has been in a few. Can vampires get addicted to drugs, alcohol, and sugar. Yes I said sugar. In one book I read some vampires went looking for those people with high sugar levels in their blood. I thought it was a cool twist on things. I mean most vampire books say different blood tastes different based on diet and health. But few actually talk about how. In most vampire books those addicted to drugs and alcohol are looked on as weak. Picking targets specifically cause they are on a substance is frowned upon. I really like that. I think it's a fairly responsible stance for writers to take. In some vampire books vampires are immune to alcohol and drugs. While I think that would be the case with an injection cause there is no way to move the blood around I don't think that would be the case if they took it in mixed with blood. Have fun everyone. If you have any thoughts feel free to express them.

Friday, July 07, 2006


Often spell casters need weird things to make spells work. Acorns, dried tea leafs, dirt from a grave under the full moon. You know what I mean. And of course the stores that carry what spell casters need generally are well hidden and open at weird times. Gathering the more exotic items would get you locked up. Keeping large stores of even normal items like dried herbs will eventually get you looked at as crazy. So how do you hide yourself as a spell caster and still manage to cast spells. I haven't seen it done well yet. Mostly either they are crazy, the healer of the town, or everyone just doesn't see anything. The everyone magically doesn't see this is kind of a b.s. answer to things.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Current Users

Current users are a thing from Laura Gilman's books. Basically they can assess current and do things with it. Like open locks. Make people believe what they are saying (otherwise known as a push or jedi mind trick). Even things as great as call down lightning. Now Gilman may call it current users but a lot of other witches seem to be using this technique as well. Like for instance the Jedi. Hum I seem to be proving myself wrong. Here is another witch that is both male and female although they don't call themselves witches.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Tall, Dark & Dead by Tate Hallaway

Tall, Dark & Dead by Tate Hallaway. Pages 295. Romance. I thought this was a good book. I loved every part with the main character and her friends. Garnet is the main character and she's got a ancient Goddess (Lilith) with her. Now by with her I don't mean she bring her to parties I mean she sharing her body with her. She is way nicer then I would be. I would be smiting people left and right. She's got a vampire boyfriend and an vampire ex boyfriend and boy do they not get along. Plus she works in a new age store with a group of friends who well are new age store people. If you've been to one you probably know what I mean. Now the only thing that bugged me a bit. And boy did it take me awhile to figure out what just wasn't sitting right. The bad guys are a secret order of the church. They hunt witches and destroy them. The only reason this bothers me is it feels so Devince Code. But I really want to see more work from her so I'd still recommend reading it.

Monday, July 03, 2006


Ok pretend you are a vampire. How do you tell someone you are a vampire and you want them to be one too. What do you do just bare your fangs? I've seen authors approach it in many different ways. I've don't think I've ever been that's it they got it. Ok course I haven't figured out a way either. I mean there is a big chance with that. They could be pretending to love you and really be a hunter. If you guys have any good ways let me know.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Blade the series

I watched Blade the series the other day. The actor playing Blade is very good at it. He really fills the role. However the writing on the pilot was aweful. I'm really hoping that the writing gets better. I'm going to watch it a few more times and see. If it doesn't I wont be watching it for long. I'll let you guys know.

Saturday, July 01, 2006


There are so many different types of witches I'm not going to be able to cover even half of them. So I'm just going to cover two today.

Ok your basic witch is usually female and most often human if not at least humanoid. Usually male magic users are called sorcerers.

So the first type I'll cover is shaman. Shaman are one of the few brake the male female rule. They are magic users that are highly tied to the earth. Usually based off the native American shaman. You have totem animals and spirit guides. They give advise to the shaman and help point them in the right direction. I've only read a few books with shaman in them and I know next to nothing about Native American beliefs so I hope I didn't piss anyone off.

Another type of witch is based on wicks. Again a male can be a Wiccan but for some reason in science fiction books they are almost 100% female. While these witches can be nature based they don't have to be. They are very big into tools. They don't have spirit guides (or at lest not often. If they do they are ghosts are something like that), They do however use tarot cards and other tools to determine what to do. Their main rule is an it harm none do what though will.