Thursday, August 31, 2006

Jack the riper

Today in 1888 Jack the Rippers first victim was discovered. Many different books have theorized that he was a paranormal but few have agreed as to what. Some say he was a mad scourer getting components for black spells. Others say he was a crazed werewolf out and about. Yet others say he was actually something we haven't even come up with a name for. All I know is that he killed a lot of women. He was horrible no matter if he was paranormal or just plan sick.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Dangerous Tides by Christine Feehan

Dangerous Tides by Christine Feehan. Pages 354. Romance. Feehan puts out another spectacular book in the drake sisters series. Dangerous Tides is more of a mystery then a romance novel. Sure there is the quest for love that is present in almost everyone's life (even if they don't want to admit it to themselves). But to add to that there are murder attempts and scandal. There are dangerous "accidents" and mysterious magic. Can Libby's healing magic tempt the brainy researcher Ty? Will they both be killed by one of the many bad guys out there? Will family turn against them? It's a great book.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Careers to avoid If you're going to live for forever

If you are going to live for forever you want to avoid careers where you get famous and well known. Things like actor or journalist (you could do this if you stuck to newspaper and avoided TV). You should also avoid rock star and composer. Back before television and movies were invented you didn't have to worry about high profile careers. The worst that might happen is that you have a painting done that looks a lot like you. Maybe it was a relative of yours or something. You might be able to get away with that a bit but in today's day and age with the accuracy or modern equipment that would be touchy. To add to the difficulty you might end up getting to much attention and someone is going to get your DNA or something. Best to avoid attention. The spotlight might be tempting but it just isn't that good.

WebMage by Kelley Mccullough

Webmage by Kelley Mccullough - pages 310. This is a science fiction book. It was pretty good. I wouldn't call it fabulous but I'd definitely recommend reading it. It has a lot of things I haven't seen before but have been informed that they are out there. The main character is male and his name is Ravirn. He's elvin and uses programming to cast spells. In fact most elves use computers for magic. The reason behind this is that raw magic is to unpredictable. My honey (who programs) informs me that the programming isn't great. However he enjoyed the book as well. I really liked the idea of programming to create magic. I hope this author creates more along the same lines if not just make this book into a series.

Unable to finish

Ok I rarely find I can't finish reading things I start reading. I've found another one. The Glass Book of the Dream Eaters by Gordon Dahlquist made no sense. It's a scifi book. It's a historical where they have added new tech. I'm not really for historicals in the first place so when you violate the timeline and add new tech to it I'm not very interested. This one is supposedly a best seller. I'd avoid it. Even a rep I talked to said that you had to make it though at least 115 pages before it got good.

Sorry there was no post yesterday my power supply died and had to be replaced.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Ewww Gross

So yeah this post is about menstruation and the paranormal female. So some people might just wanna skip it.

Vampires: I'm assuming that they stop menstruating. And the only thing I've ever heard of a vampire doing with a menstruating woman is just gross. So I'm skipping that use your imagination.

Werewolves: Well menstruation would be during mating season so that could bring on a lot of interesting problems. I wonder if birthcontrol works in the wolf form. Cause if it didn't boy would you want to avoid changing. Problem with that is that a lot of women's cycles follow the moon. So you'd be kind of forced to change. So if the mating drive was really strong you'd have issues. What if you don't want kids? Specially not a litter.

Magic users: This could be interesting cause if you're part of a tradition that is Goddess centric then your menstruation might be seen as bringing you closer to the Goddess. Closer you are to the Goddess the better. I've heard of a number of traditions where the menstrual fluids are sacred. (Now I'd like to say gross). However what if you are in a God centric religion. Would menstruation have any effect whatsoever? That's a tough one.

Sorry this didn't get out yesterday. I've been one busy girl on my vacation time.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Natural disasters

What does the paranormal community do when faced with a natural disaster? With were's and magic users it would probably be a lot like humanity. Whether you help or not is going to be based on how nice a person and how able a person you are. It would be nice to think that they would use their powers to help clear the area and do rescues but it might not be possible. To many people there to see what they did etc... However with vampires it would be a much different situation. What if a earthquake unearthed their hiding place to the sun. Ouch that would hurt. Or a volcano going off during the day. Or anything really that happens in the day time. Major hurricanes might provide temporary cover from sunlight but escaping them might put you right back into the sun. Such a big weakness it really sucks. Oh and all those poor ghosts uprooted from their haunts. No one thinks of the ghosts.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Head Dude or Dudette

How does one go able picking who they want in control of their lives. I mean things are a bit more strict in the paranormal communities then in real life. Leaders are rarely picked by democratic process. It's a matter of strongest meanest mother F'er around usually. Now I know that sometimes it's a matter of heredity but usually not for long. So how does one go about helping the biggest dude you like get to power. Sometimes you can help take down the dude you don't like. Sometimes you can lend your powers to the one you do like. But there are just so many different things you can't count on. I like the hiding in the background and see who hits the top way. After all you can always do one of those other things later. :)

Monday, August 21, 2006


If you lived forever you would have a chance not only to see history as it happened but to change the path of history. It's one of the things that makes immortality so appealing. The problem is it's always hard to know what will change life. Some seemingly innocent moments have changed the path of human existence as we know it. Today is Ray Bradbury birthday. One moment in time that changed the way people think.

Family History

Family histories would play much different roles for different paranormals. If you have a paranormal who's based in genetics family histories would be very important. You would want to keep track of who had kids with who. You'd want to see which pairing resulted in kids. You'd want to see which kids developed powers.

In non genetic paranormal it would be less important. If I were a vampire I'd really want to know who was possibly related to me though because it would just be gross to be sleeping with your great great grandson or daughter.

If you are neither long lived or genetic paranormals family histories would be just like human family histories. A matter of interest that might tell you more about yourself but really wouldn't matter much in the long run. It's just nice to know.

Sunday, August 20, 2006


Many people say that animals can sense things humans can't. In several novels and books this makes for animals that can tell if people are vampires. Most of the time they can tell it means they hate them. If it's a dog growling and barking ensues. It's very interesting. When cats can tell they hiss once and run away. But cats are finicky like that. I kind of wonder what Hamsters would do? You never see the little kids hamster cage. Does it hide under the wood chips or disappear inside a toy. I'm pretty sure fish are just not going to figure it out. Oh and what about snakes? In some movies they like vampires. It's supposedly cause the recognize another cold blooded creature. It's interesting.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Food oh how I'd miss it

I couldn't give up food. Food is am important part of everyday life. It's comfort it's happiness. I can't imagine that blood fills the same roll. I mean it just can't come in so many different flavors. I mean yeah it's going to be different based on diet but you're not going to have a lot of variation. It's like everyone's pizza might be different but the basics are there. So imagine having pizza every day for forever. Just different people make it each night. Plus what about all the food based holidays. They are very important. What do you tell your family sorry just don't feel hungry. Eventually they are going to think you are very sick. Or worse you have to avoid them all together.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Failed to finish

I failed to finish the book The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova. I thought it was dry and drawn out. It had a good plot. It had likeable characters. It had an original concept. However, It needed like 200 pgs taken out. I think the editor feel asleep. I get mixed reviews from others. Half the people who read it really like it. If you really love lots and lots of detail this book is for you. I got half way through and quit.

Paranormals in the military?

While a lot of paranormals would probably do well in the military. I don't think that many would be able to pull it off. It seems like they would be far to restricted. Take for example a werewolf. Frequently well suited for things like being a body guard or police work. They couldn't go into the armed forces simply because of the need to change under the full moon. They could never make it through boot camp without being found out or at least suspected of awl and kicked out. Then there are vampires. Hello extreme allergy to the sun. Try finding the recruiting office open at night. They'd have to already know you existed for that to work. The only ones I can see pulling it off are the witches/sorcerers. And even that would be difficult because they'd have to resist the urge to knock the block off things with magick. Use magick to often and you'll get caught. It's not a matter of if it's a matter of when and who.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Paranormal Children?

First I think we need a definition of the word child. has child defined as One who is between birth and puberty or one who is childish or immature. Ok now we can go into different types of paranormals.

Ghosts - By nature ghosts can not reproduce. They are usually a left over from someone/something that has lived before. Some think they have memory of what they once were and can make decisions based on that. Others think they are a imprint or energy left over. However children can become ghosts. In fact some of the creepiest ghosts are kids. Also poltergists are part of the ghost category and they can sometimes be thought of as immature. So there you have it Ghost children.

Now you know kids have no patience. They don't know how to wait their turn and they want attention. Now Now Now Me Me Me. For the few types of ghosts that can move things impatience would really make things interesting. Flying TV's cause you wouldn't change the channel. You're newspaper being shredded cause you tried to read it in the morning. I'd have to get someone in to get rid of it quick. After all you can't stop it cause you can't touch them.

Vampires - Most types of vampires can not reproduce by normal means. They can however make other vampires (usually by draining humans of blood and feeding them theirs). So since these new vampires can be seen as immature because of their lack of experience. Also, while it is generally considered bad, Sometimes kids (of the human variety) have been transformed into vampires. They will now never reach puberty. However they may become mature and leave their childish natures behind. Does that mean they are no longer children? I don't know.

What would it be like to be a child vampire? Think about a child who has super strength. They need blood and yet they can't usually consume enough to take down a full size human. They can however kill a full size human. And boy can kids be cruel. Kids burn ants and make other kids cry just for fun. Talk about torture. On top of it all kids are something that most adults want to protect. They look cute and fragile. Suddenly they are on you and they want your blood. Ouch.

Werewolves - Well there are three basic werewolf myths. Born that way, Bitten, and cursed. Well if you are born that way you have at some point been a child. Being between birth and puberty. If you are bitten or cursed it would probably follow much the same way as vampires. They might be considered to be immature because of their lack of experience.

Most authors shy away from kids with full were abilities. Usually they get them with puberty making the actually were kid rare. It would be kind of crazy. I'm seeing a small size full fuzzy creature. On top of that being stronger and faster then you. They don't really think much about things other then themselves. So what if you aren't happy. They need to be happy.

Witches - Well generally you have two different witch myths. Born into it and learned it. While if you are learning it you might not be doing so as a child you could. If you are born into it well then you are definitely a child at some point.

Oh wow this could be a fun one. What would you do with magical powers when you were young? I would love to say that I'd use them responsibly and keep things nice and clean. I can't actually say that. I know that I would have used them to reap the happiness of vengeance. I would have made the kids who picked on me turn odd colors and have their homework disappear. I might have felt bad later but they'd deserve it. Fortunately there are usually adults around to keep them in line and shut them down.
So Yes I'd have to say there are Paranormal Children. However I'm also sure that I wouldn't want to meet any of them in a dark alley.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Wizard of oz

The wizard of oz premiered in 1969 on august 15th. I mention this because of the good witch bad witch thing it has going. The bad witches all wear black and have green faces where the good witch is all in pink with blond hair and flawless skin. It's an insult to all witches around. Why can't a good witch wear all black? Why not have a bad witch with flawless skin? It also means that people are easier to trick. Dress in light clothes and look happy and they all think you're good at heart. I've met many a dark and dreadful person who looked like an angel. Think of the blond hair blue eyed kids who just throw things all over the place and make a huge mess. Huh I wonder what witches do to their kids when they misbehave? (When I say witch I don't mean wicca or paganism that actually exist btw. If I do I'll say the religion.)

As a side note yes I know it's just a movie. Have fun. ;)

E-mail your authors

I highly recommend e-mailing your authors. Several of the authors I read have contests and clubs. Frequently those same authors will mail you free stuff like bookmarks and fridge magnets. I know it doesn't seem like anything but it's kind of cool to come home from work and find that you have stuff in the mail from one of your favorite authors. On top of that the contests can be really cool. Kenyon was doing a contest to give away tickets to a convention. Evanovich was doing a contest to name book 12 in her series and you got a mention in it too. Check it out. Have fun.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Do paranormal peoples play video games?

I mean vampires must have a lot of extra free time. Sure some of them must play like world of warcraft or something. All those daytime hrs when you can do nothing but wait for the sun to go down. And werewolves well it would be a great way to use up all the pent up rage. I'm not sure what ghosts would do with their free time. I'm pretty sure that it's just like any regular person. If you enjoy it you play if not you don't.

I apologize for my lack of post yesterday. We needed to back up the computer. It was acting wiggie.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Paranormal personal ads

SWM searches for same. Likes walks in the moonlight, talking for eternity, and snuggling. Looking for someone who can go the long haul. No anemic may apply. Fears sunlight and fire. Hope to talk to you soon. ;)

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Paranormal Elder Abuse

Ok, so I was thinking how does normal human elder abuse compare to the paranormal? Well with vampires you generally get more powerful the older you get. So basically it doesn't happen cause you don't wanna screw with those old dudes. Werewolves generally don't get to be old. I don't mean they don't age. No I mean most books have a pack hierarchy that involves ranking by fighting. A lot of those fights end in a fatality. If you get to the top you're going to face constant challenge unless you make it clear that you're the mean mother f'er in the bunch. Then well even if you do get to be old you're not going to get screwed with. On the other end if you are at the bottom of the pack you've most likely been picked on and abused your entire life anyway so it wouldn't be so much elder abuse as life. When it comes to witches I think you have two possibilities. One is that it would be just like humans. Flip a coin you don't know how the person is going to treat the elderly. The other possibility is that they would be like the elders of the group. They know all the magic. You have to learn it from them.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Sex as shock factor.

First off I'm not against sex in books. What I'm talking about now is how the author uses it. Use sex to illustrate how much to characters love each other. Use it to show how much they hate each other. There are a million ways to use sex in novels especially since you aren't limited to gravity or how the body actually bends and moves. But it seems weird just to use it for shock. Now let me tell you why this is in my head. I'm reading a book which is supposed to be science fiction. It's 700 pages and I'm only 70 in so it might get to the science fiction part any moment now. So far nada just shock value sex. And considering I don't shock easy it's very shocking. It's selling like crazy though.

Ok to get to something paranormal. I love Kim Harrisons use of sex in her books. I love the book of how to date a vampire and the use of it not to turn on the vamp you live with. It's very practical. I like it when authors bring practical everyday stuff into the drama. I mean they still have to go clothes shopping like everyone else.

Monday, August 07, 2006

Master of Darkness by Susan Sizemore

Master of Darkness by Susan Sizemore. Pages 303. Romance. This is a good book in her 'for you' series. There are three books before this I burn for you, I thirst for you, and I hunger for you. There are three different groups of vampires. Family, tribe, and clans. The different groups of vampires have different morals and views. Some want to protect humanity while others want to own and use humans. This book features Eden a vampire hunter and Laurent a tribe/clan vampire. Eden is supposed to be working with Sid to find a daytime drug tribe vamps are using. Laurent is pretending to be Sid. Eden might just be in grave danger. And it's feeling like love. The story does end a bit abruptly but that might be because it looks like you have a lot more to go when it ends. There are 3 post views or her other books and one preview.

Beauty's only skin deep.

Ok so why is it that 90% of vampire books have all vampires sexy as hell. Where are the ugly vampires? I've seen a handful of vampire books where you are just as you came over and not everyone came over looking good. However I find that most of them are pretty. Some say this is because of the all liquid diet. Others say because if you could eat a pretty burger or a ugly burger you'd choose the pretty one. I'm thinking I'd choose the tasty one. There has got to be a difference in how blood tastes based on diet and such. It can't all be looks. If the ugly burger tastes better then I'm eating that. I've learned over the years. The other question would be how are they going to tell which one tastes better? Well I just don't know. Some say you can smell it others not so much. Then I'm sure you'd probably go with looks. Unfortunately civilization is vain.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Can't we all be friends?

I wonder why most super natural creatures don't work together? I mean why all the infighting? In most of the stories all the paranormal creatures want to keep things underwraps. Why would you risk letting the world know you're here when you could help out and keep everything under wraps. Age old grudges are a pain to deal with.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Super heros

Ok, So who wants to be a super hero? There is a show going on right now about being a super hero. Stan Lee is picking the best super from the group that auditioned and he's going to write a comic book based on them. Some of the people are really really cheesy. Some are really bad. Some are just fun. I love major victory. He's so cheesy you just can't help but love him. I really hate creature. I don't like how she treats fat mamma just because fat mamma uses food for her super powers. Creature is a raw foodist. Just so you know my stance on food. I like meat. Ok so back to super hero's. I don't think I'd want to be one. Having to deal with other peoples drama all the time just doesn't seem like fun. Yes it's nice to help people but I think that the incredibles have it right. I think you'd be dodging law suit after law suit. Shrugs maybe I'm to pessimistic.

Friday, August 04, 2006


If you could pick one which super power would you chose?

I'm a big fan of telekinesis and pyrokisesis. I just loved firestarter when I was growing up. I've never actually set things on fire other then candles. But the idea of shooting fire out of my hands has appeal. The telekinesis appeals to the laziness in me. I mean you could just float the remote to you instead of getting up.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Touch the Dark by Karen Chance

Touch the Dark by Karen Chance. Pages 307. Science Fiction. This is a great book. I highly recommend this new author. The main character is a clairvoyant. She is hiding from a group of vampires. She's hiding from a bunch of mages. And on top of it all it turns out she kicks butt. She also is friends with the ghosties. Try it this is fun.


What is a shade? I've heard a few different meanings for this word other then the traditional. I've heard it used for a type of ghost. Mostly damned. I've heard it used for a human who is a regular donor for a vampire. Ok I think that's all I've heard it used for when it comes to supernatural creatures. A shade when referring to a ghost is someone who's damned to wander eternity in ghost form. Never passing on. Always thrusting. Always hungry. Never satisfied. Usually it's either a curse passed on by a powerful being but I've also heard it as the natural state for a dead vampire. I think this is why it got attached to humans who are the regular donors to vampires. They look like shades. Forgetting to eat. Not taking care of themselves. Or it could be because they look like a fraction or what the used to kind of like looking at your shadow. Only because of your existence do you have a shadow. So shades only exist for their masters whims. Oh ick. Doesn't sound to fun. Although I'm sure that a lot of people would disagree.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Excelled Healing.

Ok now we know most supernaturals have excelled healing but is that always a good thing. I mean we know bones have to set in a certain way or they may never be right. This is so much a point that sometimes they break a bone again to reset it. Can you imagine how many rebreaks you'd have to go through as a werewolf. That's on top of the pain it takes to change in the first place. I mean I can see being so distracted by things that you don't notice the change all the time but eventually you're going to feel it. And like most pain once you feel it you always feel it. On top of the super healing might effect a virus's make up. Look at how the flu mutates every year. We get a new way to fight it and it adapts. Something to think about next time you just wish an ill gone.