Thursday, October 30, 2008

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween everyone
So I have a few Halloween questions for everone.
1 - What age is to old to dress up if ever?
2 - What is the lamest costume you've ever worn?
3 - Will You dress up at work?
4 - Would you dress up for an adult Halloween party?
5 - What is your favorite Holiday?

My Answers
1 - Never to old to dress up
2 - I was once a present. Yep got a big box cut out the bottom and three holes, wrapped it, and wore a bow on my head.
3 - Yes I dress up at work every yr. Only missed one year.
4 - Yes I dress up every chance I get.
5 - Halloween.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Welcome to the Jungle by Jim Butcher.

Welcome to the Jungle by Jim Butcher. Graphic Novel. This is part of the Dresden Files. It is a graphic novel (comic book). I liked the basic story but it was a bit flat. I plan on buying all of the Dresden files in hard cover. The stories are really good. Not as sure about the graphic novels though. I'm sure I'll buy them because I love Jim Butchers works. I rarely actually read the comic books I buy though. It's more just to own them along with the series.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

ain't myth behaving by Katie Macalister

ain't myth behaving by Katie Macalister. Romance. Pages 353. Two independent short stories.

Stag Party is about a celtic god, his ex-wife, and the woman he wants to be his wife. Every year Dane dies and is reborn. One year before he is reborn his wife leaves him for the god of wine. He has only one week to find a new wife and marry her. Talk about pressure. He also has a group of tourists and druids on his grounds making his life that much more difficult.

Norse Truly is about a cursed viking, the Valkyrie that Cursed him, and the great great great... grand daughter of that Valkyrie. The Viking wants the curse to end but in order to do that he has to over come a number of obstacles.

I had fun reading these. I love stories based on myths.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Igor the Movie

Igor the movie. I really enjoyed this kids movie. This movie has a number of big names. One of my favorite comedians is in it (Eddie Izzard). It also sports names like John Cleese and Christian Slater. Igor lives in a city that gets no sun. Now the city is the home of mad scientists. Igor's are forced to serve the mad scientists. This Igor wants to be a mad scientist. When his master dies trying to create this years big experiment Igor takes over. He makes his experiment and wants to enter it in the contest and win rights to be a scientist. A mad scientist finds out and tries to steal everything.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Weddings from Hell - Anthology

Weddings from Hell - Anthology. Romance. Pages 373. I liked this anthology. I actually read it before my wedding but left it at my husbands parents house.

Till Death by Maggie Shayne. This is a story about a family curse. All woman are cursed to die by the hand of their husband when he betrays her. The latest woman in the family was raised seperated from the family. She doesn't know about the curse. She doesn't know the family. It isn't til one of her relatives dies and leaves all her money and property to her that she even meets the family. Problem is that in order to get the money and property she has to marry the descendant of the husband who was married to the woman who started the curse.

Happily Never After by Jeaniene Frost. Isabella's brother has disappeared and a local mob boss has threatened that if she doesn't marry him he'll kill her brother. Isabella doesn't see a way out so she agrees to marry him but she puts everything off. Isabella's grandmother knows something is wrong and brings in chance to fix it all. Chance is a vampire. This mobster gets the shock of his life.

Ghouls Night Out by Terri Gerey. Nicki is ropped into standing up in her cousins wedding when one of her brides maids goes missing. She's trying on the dress when she sees the missing brides maid in the mirror. Of course this really complicates things because Nicki sees dead people. Now she's just got to find out what happened to the missing girl so that her cousin might find peace and the girl might rest in peace.

Wedding Knight by Kathryn Smith. Violet is to be married not to a man she loves but to a man that would provide for her and be good to her. The man she loves is actually a vampire who is afraid of commitment. When Payden finds out his Violet is to be married to another he is devistated. He has to stop the wedding. That's of course as far as he plans. She has other plans. He just must marry her. Her fiance is furious about everything. He will have revenge.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Midnight's Daughter by Karen Chance

Midnight's Daughter by Karen Chance. Science Fiction. Pages 373. Part of the same universe as her other books but new main character. I recommend this authors books. I wasn't sure with the first one but she's grown a lot as an author. This is her best book yet. I am eager to see her next book to see if she continues to improve. The main character in this book is a dhampire. She's the oldest Dhampir cause most of them die a violent death early on. Luckily this one is blessed with a roommate who helps her control her anger. Unfortunately that roomate has gone missing and might even be dead. Suddenly her dear old dad drags her into a mission of his own and she is teamed up with a vampire she finds really annoying.