Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween

Ok here's some funny links for you all to enjoy on halloween




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I hope you enjoy and have a happy halloween.

Sunday, October 29, 2006


Ok now I have a theory about deja'vu that is connected with reincarnation. So first I'm going to explain my theory on reincarnation. Ok so my theory on reincarnation is that you have a guide you see when you are between lives. This guide helps you set up what is going to happen to you in your next life in order to learn your next set of lessons. Then you go back to earth and live your next life. Ok so how does deja'vu come into play? So if the deja'vu is just with a person it's possibly because it's a soul you've known closely before in another life. So your soul recognizes it. If it's a place it's somewhere you've been a lot in a previous life. I'm sure you get the idea.

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Saturday, October 28, 2006

Were babies?

Werecreatures often have problems having babies. The main reason for this is that most of them have to change shapes at least once a month. The change is known to create problems bringing a baby to term. It's not a problem conceiving but carrying to term. Now I know a few different authors have suggested that if they just avoided changing until they absolutely had to that they might be more successful carrying to term. Others have suggested that changing often might make it so the baby was used to the stress and was less likely to miscarry. I'm not sure which would be more likely to be successful but they both look risky to me.

Friday, October 27, 2006


So few paranormal books talk about DNA. A few mention it when they are talking about avoiding having yours left behind or taken. But few of them mention the idea of having workers in the DNA labs to keep the news from getting out. By planting workers in labs you'd have a way to keep humans from finding out about the existence of vampires and werecreatures. Think about it DNA of paranormal creatures could be replaced with human DNA. Or they could just compromise the sample. Compromising samples couldn't be done nearly as often as replacement because eventually people would catch on that you weren't so good a employee. Wouldn't it be interesting to read a book about from the point of view of a lab rat?

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Prince of Twilight by Maggie Shayne.

Prince of Twilight by Maggie Shayne. Romance. Pages 392. Stormy is a girl who can take care of herself. Well at least when she isn't Eliabeta. Vlad is in love with both of them. Elisabeta was his wife who he bound to the earthly plane when she died. Stormy is her current reincarnation and if Vlad can find the ring and the spell in time she could cease to exist. However, even though Stormy is convinced Vlad wants to kill her to bring his wife back to life, she is still deeply in love with him. How love triangles complicate life. Especially when two of the people share one body.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Territory part 2

In several movies and books vampires put a mark that only they can see on things. So like if they have a safe house they mark it so other vampires can use it in need. Or if it's an enemy vampire they know to stay away. It's very similar to the idea of animals peeing on something but doesn't smell so much. The thing is usually they say well it's in a spectrum humans can't see in. Well with all the technology around you would think that the occasional human would stumble across a random mark here or there. Plus it depends on other vampires knowing what your symbol is. If no one knows you does it matter who it belongs too. Status is very important when it comes to marks. If a vampire sees your symbol and knows what it means but doesn't respect your name they might decide to use your stuff anyway and tell you where to stuff it. The system of individual marks just seems very complicated in comparison to the peeing thing.

Monday, October 23, 2006


Territory is very important to animals. Every type of animal marks its territory. Most animals mark it with a combination of scents. One type is urine another is scent glands that can be rubbed up against things. So if the animal marks its territory why not wereanimals? One possible argument as to why a werewolf wouldn't pee on his couch is that his human half keeps him from behaving to inappropriately. Another reason they might not pee to mark their territory is that urine smells bad. In the wild the air circulation keeps things from getting to rank. However in an enclosed space things would start to smell pretty quickly. You don't blend in with society to well if you smell like pee and sweat. Another thing that animals do is rub up against things to leave their scent on them. Animals rub up against trees, other animals, etc... In civilized society people don't rub up against other people at random. On top of that if you started rubbing yourself up against trees and buildings you would quickly be labeled as one of the crazy people. So how would wereanimals mark territory without urinating or rubbing up against people? One thing you could do to mark your territory would be to label things. I know, also not to horribly socially acceptable. I mean you can't exactly label everything you own but it's common place to label things like calculators or laptops. Another thing you could do is to develop a style that is heavily associated with you and then apply it to everything you do. You may be labeled as eccentric but not nuts. I'm sure there are many other things that you can do to mark your territory. I wonder what percentage of people would be labeled as ocd or generally crazy because they are marking there territory?

Lack of reality in fantasy novels

There are a lot of books that completely gloss over the realities that keep them a float. You don't see the support staff of people that make the paranormal businesses run. Do you see there dude washing dishes in the vampire night club? Is he a vampire? Plus all the witches in most novels are eternally prepared. You never see the witch going out into the middle of the woods trying to catch bats to get blood for the spell or something. Most pagans we know can't remember if they need to bring pop with them. And with werewolves do they ever piss on the furniture because they are trying to mark it as theirs? Do demons sleep if they stay on the mortal plan to long? I wish more authors addressed these problems.

Sunday, October 22, 2006


Everyone has there own morality. As a plain old human there are a lot of things I wouldn't do that I wouldn't consider amoral as a paranormal. For example I wouldn't drink blood or bite anyone. Reason being is I have no need to do so. If I were a vampire that would be a different thing all together. If you don't drink you die. Another example is that I don't hunt. I don't eat deer or rabit or a number of other things that you hunt for so I don't do it. As a werewolf most likely I'd end up hunting at least in wolf form. That's what animals do. Same with being a demon. You tempt people to commit sins. Every thing has got to come from the point of the person commiting the act.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Manifest destiny

Ok for those of you who haven't heard this concept, manifest destiny is the belief that America had a mission to expand and spread democracy to the world. I'm actually surprised we don't still use the term. It was used a lot to describe the need for Americans to discover what is all America now. But you're probably wondering what this has to do with paranormals aren't you. Well the native Americans couldn't have been the only ones to get caught up in the manifest destiny phenomena.

wereanimals - They normally had lots of space to roam in. Were left in peace and didn't have to worry about to many people. Now there are people everywhere and very little space unless they want to live in a national park.

Vampires - well they got some bonus's. The area that was uncharted was pretty much uninhabited for them. They couldn't hide amongst the native Americans because there were to few in a group and people would notice. Feeding off of animals is risky too. Pick a creature to big and you could get injured. Pick something to small and you have to eat more frequently.

Ghosts - well we Americans certainly know how to expand the ghost population. The more people kill unjustly the more ghosts there can be. Think trail of tears on this one people. You do the numbers.

Demons - oh demons would be all up for manifest destiny. They are all up for expansion. Demons need people do to thing that are bad. Lets face it. No matter how much I love cities demons would have a much easier time harvesting sins in a city then in the country. You just do the people math. There are fewer people in the country. Fewer people equals less sins it's that easy. I'm not saying there isn't sin in the country just fewer people to commit it.

Magic users - Again you have a split with the magic users. Some are going to be happy to move on and expands. While others just want there peace and quiet. The hard thing with magic users is that there are so many different types of them and each one requires something different. Some need the space to grow things. Others need a large amount of people to be left alone with. It's a difficult call.

So as you see even paranormals can be effected by politically motivated decisions.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Carpe Demon by Julie Kenner

Carpe Demon by Julie Kenner. Science Fiction. Pages 360. Funny. Kate was an orphan raised by the Vatican to be a demon hunter. Now she's married and has kids. She's happy with her nice calm exsistance. Unfortunetly she's going to have to work to keep it so calm when a demon sets his eyes on a holy relic stored in her hometown. The thing that really caught my eye on this one was the subtite. Adventures of a Demon-Hunting Soccer Mom.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Would America be a haven for paranormals because of the freedoms we enjoy (or think we do at least)? Well while I do believe our freedoms are being deminished by the current political climate. I also still believe that we have it better then most. My thought is it would probably be nicer here for most paranormals then in other places. We have large areas with 24 hr establishments. We have large metro area's that have high crime rates so any odd activity would fly under the radar. We also have large parks where wolves would be just another bit of wildlife. On top of that we have a large selection of stores. You don't have to grow your own weird herbs and dry them you can buy them. Shopping for rare things on the internet isn't looked at as bizzare. You might get added to some lists if any of the ingredients you buy can make something that blows up but you're most likely not going to be invaded in the middle of the night. Well unless you then make discouraging comments about the government and put your money in the wrong places. But that would be for a different website. Have a nice day everyone.

Monday, October 16, 2006


So which paranormals would pay what sports.

Vampires are out of luck for anything professional or really amature for that matter. You're looking at things like darts and pool in poolhouses. The reason they are out of luck is physicals. Pretty much if your heart doesn't beat you can't do sports.

Werewolves would really have an up on anything physical. Football, soccer, Ruggbie etc... They have extra strength and speed. Plus their senses are usually better too.

Magic Users are probably really good at things like games of chance. Gambling would be great if you could stay under the radar. You could do things like figure out what was next in the deck. Know what other people have in their hands.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Paranormal hoax's

Out of the 4 mail paranormal groups which one do you think is the most likely to commit hoax's?
Well vampires are nice and all and have a lot of powers but really like to stay hidden and don't have much to do with hoax's really. More likely to con one person for along time.
Werewolves are more physical then mental. Really more likely to run a protection racket. Give me the money or die.
Ghosts can't do to much really. I could be wrong and if you think different let me know.
Magic users are probably the most likely to commit a hoax. Now before people get offended I don't mean wicca witches I mean book witches. I mean you have a variety of powers to be used. Most magic users are not very physical so they are likely to use their heads a lot. Most con artists are not physical types. Most of them try to trick you.

Tattoos are forever

I just got a new tattoo yesterday and it lead me to thinking. Which paranormal groups are likely to get ink?
Werewolves - well this is one group that doesn't live forever. I think they would be likely to get tattoos. A lot of them are portrayed as being parts of biker gangs and such. The only thing I'd worry about is if they can get a tattoo with their healing factor.
Vampires - Probably wouldn't see many tattoos on these guys. Unless they had them before they became undead. I mean thinking will I like this at 80 is one thing. Thinking will I like this at 500 is another.
Ghosts - Not unless they had them before they died. I mean they don't have bodies to put them on.
Witches - I think you're as likely to see tattoos on this group as humans. It's going to be individual preference. Sometimes you have books where the witches or mages or warlocks are tattooed for specific reasons like power increase or population control. But like I said it's going to be individual to the book and the character.
Well I know I've left off a bunch of paranormal creatures but those are the main four. Talk to you later :).

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Just One Sip by Katie MacAlister, Jennifer Ashley, and Minda Webber

Just One Sip by Katie MacAlister, Jennifer Ashley, and Minda Webber. Pages 338. Romance. These were good. Made me laugh my butt off. Ok I'll break it down by story as usual.

Viva Las Vampire by Jennifer Ashley. Meredith writes books about vampirism in society. There is this crazy but great hotel/casino in Las Vegas and she just has to have a story about it in her book. So when she gets there hoping to get an interview with the owner and is granted free passes to a lot of things and a dinner with him she assumes that she's getting her interview. Remember what they say about assuming things right. It makes an ass out of u and me. Well just stick around and read what happens.

Bring out your Dead by Katie MacAlister. YsaBelle has two souls. She doesn't like talking about how she got an extra one much but sometimes those stories just come out. Because she's special she also gets to live with a guardian and help zombies cope with everyday life. This story goes one part further though and blends MacAlisters guardian series with her Dark One series. Read it and find out how.

Lucy and the Crypt Casanova by Minda Webber. Lucy bumbles through her everyday life trying to get by. She runs a Talk show for the paranormal which she had such high hopes for but has gone the way of Jerry Springer rather then 20/20. To top it all off her ex-lover and still in her heart ex who happens to be a vampire lives in the same town. OMG how will she turn her life around?

Friday, October 13, 2006

Could you date a vampire?

So if you were a human and your love was a vampire could you make it work? I mean even just the blood. Most vampires need blood more often then you can give it. Which means that they will have to get it from someone else. Is your ego strong enough to handle that? Mine isn't. I would be like you've gone to that girl more then once. Do you like her? Maybe if you could make it a thing like a threesome you could make it work out. But if you're doing everything long distance well he'd really be all over the chicks. Or she's be all over the dudes. What would you do then? I'm definitely to insecure for that sort of thing.

Thursday, October 12, 2006


I dream I can fly. In my soul I urn for it. The sun on my back, the clouds below my feet. I leave the world below me. Troubles melt from my mind as I climb climb climb. No one can get as high as I can. No one can see me here. No running from my fears. I can face them here. I can see them clearly from so far away. The wind in my hair as I swoop and swing. Suddenly the world seems dark and I feel grounded once more. I open my eyes to see all was just a dream. I haven't been flying or have I. Running my fingers through my hair I find a leaf.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006


"Brains" damn it there it goes again. I keep trying to say things like chicken wings and cheese sticks. What comes out? "Brains." Gawd why would I want to eat brains. I know that we crave what will make us well but I'm not craving it I just can't seem to say anything else. What the hell is wrong with me? Clawing your way out of the ground after being burred must be traumatic or something. It must set your mind to thinking who the hell burred me. Didn't they have any "Brains"?

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Strange Candy by Laurell K Hamilton

Strange Candy by Laurell K Hamilton. Science Fiction. Pages 257. I really enjoyed this book. I wasn't sure I was going to because hamilton has lost a lot of her flare for me at least. This book is a bunch of her short stories throw together in a book. I found it really interesting. I was a little disappointed that her last story is the opening for one of the anita books. Shrugs that's how the cookie crumbles. Have a nice day.

Monday, October 09, 2006


There are a number of books and shows that deal with teleportation. Most of them shirt the issues. They don't talk about the problems. If you think about it there are many possible problems like ending up in the wall. teleporting into inadimate objects is a really big issue. You just can't step out of the chair after you materialize. Then there is the how. Is it magic? Or are you using technology? If you are using technology both star trek and the fly have dealt with the issues of teleporting. The fly was the movie about the guy who teleports himself and a fly. You've probably seen at least part of the movie so I'm not going to go into it. Lets just say it was gross. Star trek dealt with two possible problems. One was transporter psychosis. Another was ending up with two of you. Transporter psychosis dealt with mental problems that were caused by being transported. The other is self explanatory. I'm sure there are more examples of books that have shown teleportation to be risky I just haven't read them.

Sunday, October 08, 2006


I fall to all fours screaming in pain. My insides rip at me. Tearing at this reality it struggles to come out. Twisting my insides hurting my soul. I dread this. I've been told that if I can give into the change it'll be peaceful. Except the beast and it'll purr. My beast has never purred. It's slashed and ripped but I don't believe it knows how to purr. So I change every month in solitude because I can not curl up with the rest of them and cuddle as I change. I'd hurt them in my self hatred. I can't bring to show people how awful I truly am.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

So Far

I've been reading a bit of strange candy by Laurell K. Hamilton. I can't tell you a lot but I can tell you that so far I've enjoyed it. You should check it out.

Friday, October 06, 2006


The idea of knowing what's going to happen before it happens is very appealing. Maybe it's about control. Maybe it's about preventing disaster. Who knows. But it's always apart of human myth. We fear it as well. We fear people knowing things we don't. What will they do with that information? Fear of the unknown has got to be a large problem with all things paranormal.

Thursday, October 05, 2006


Fate is an interesting idea. If you believe in fate it conflicts with free will. If you believe in free will it's hard to believe in fate. Of course then that brings in soul mates and love at first sight which are hard to deal with. Cause can you have soul mates without having fate? I'm not sure. I like free will but I like the idea of seeing the future. And seeing the future creates nice conflicts as well. First is it destined to happen and nothing you can do will change it. Or is it changeable and then it's not really fate. By knowing the future will we cause it to happen. Food for thought.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Mysteria by Mary Janice Davidson, Susan Grant, P.C. Cast, and Gena Showalter

Mysteria by Mary Janice Davidson, Susan Grant, P.C. Cast, and Gena Showalter. Romance. Pages 340. There are 4 stories in this book. All of the stories take place in one town. It's great watching them develop.

Mortal in Mysteria by Susan Grant. This is the story of a demon turned human and a female Christian priest. He was cast out of hell for doing good deeds. She came to mysteria following a calling no one seems to be interested in. One day he suddenly appears naked in her garden and she takes it upon herself to make sure he's ok. Follow this funny relationship through demon attacks and the female members of town going gaga over demon meat. ;)

Alone Wolf by Mary Janice Davidson. This is a continuation of her werewolf tales. Although it is outside of the main story. Cole's parents died in a car accident when he was young. Leaving him alone in a world he didn't belong in. After growing up in the foster system his favorite foster mom tells him to get his own place. Oddly enough he chooses Mysteria. His house is haunted, the local diner is run by a mermaid?, and the town is full of magic. Check out his interesting tale.

The Witches of Mysteria by Gena Showater. Three Witches in Mysteria. Oh and of course they are sisters. Each one specializes in a seperate thing. But of course this really is just the tale on one of the witches. The witch Genevieve and the man she loves Hunter. Unfortunately for her Hunter can see the future and knows that if he ever falls for her he'll die. Oh what a chance. Watch for the trick ending.

Candy Cox and the Big Bad (Were)wolf by P.C. Cast. Candy is a high school literature teacher. But she aches to get out of Mysteria. See Her magic is that she undoes magic. This big bad werewolf is actually a big slutty artist. He wants to show her she does have magic and but will his slutty nature drive Candy away forever?

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Sell my Soul !?!

Would you sell your soul to the devil?

Now I know you all yelled no. But think about that for a second. What about your lover or kids? Would you sell your soul to save their lives? I think I would. My honey would be mad at me but hey I'd still have him. Now remember that the devil is tricky like a gene. You have to remember that you need to be left alive. That there is a time before he can claim your soul or something. Pretty much you need to get rid of all loop holes and you need to have like a lawyer go over it for you or something. I wouldn't give up my soul for anything material. They just don't last.

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Paranormals effected by religion.

Vampires - Some vampire myths say that vampires can be repelled by crosses and can not enter churches. I find that interesting because I haven't heard anything about other religions effecting vampires this way. The only other vampire myth that includes other religions is laurell k hamiltons and that's based on the faith being the cause of the repelling.

Werewolves - I've only heard of a few things. I've heard of crosses effecting werewolves because they were spawns of Satan. I haven't heard anything else about werewolves and religion.

Witches - I don't think there is anything that directly effects them with religion but there is that little line about suffering a witch to live.

Ghosts - They can sometimes be released by priests to find heaven.

Demons - well duh, they are from the devils legions.

I know there are many many more paranormal creatures but I think that's good for now.